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Grace Baptist Church is driven by our Passion to reach our community through prayer and outreach.  We strive to consistently offer our community opportunities to connect such as Sunday School for all ages, Bible Studies, special events, and much more.

Grace Baptist Church is a missions-minded Church. That simply means that we have a great desire to send and financially support men and women who have dedicated their lives to spreading the gospel around the world. The good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ must be proclaimed. Many of us may not be able to go to a distant land but we can certainly send those who are. With this in mind we support dozens of missionaries all around the world and greatly anticipate adding to that number.

Grace Baptist Church is dedicated to live out the great commission to spread the gospel.  We pursue men, women, boys, and girls with the message of salvation.  Our ministries are Christ centered such as Street Evangelism, Youth Discipleship, Nursing Home Ministry, and much more.

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